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Eat Healthy. Eat Green.

Interesting article in USA Today about the recent recommendations from a national panel of dietary experts. It features the same (good) advice that we have all heard before and never take seriously enough. Eat more vegetables. Cut down on refined sugars, saturated fats, and sodium (salt) intake. Eat more fiber. Get the right vitamins.


What makes the report, and the article, so interesting is that it touches upon the environmental impact of our diets. It hammers home the idea that eating healthy is important, but just as important is eating a diet made up of sustainable foods. This means less consumption of meat, eating produce grown closer to home, buying fish that are caught or farmed in a sustainable manner.

So what steps do you take to be a bit more "green" with your shopping and cooking? What foods do you need to cut from your diet? What should you be adding? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Tweet them to us @NXTRepFitness!

Lots of good info in that article if you're interested in now just what's on your plate but how it got there in the first place!